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Hangovers shouldn't hold you back from having a good time.

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How do Rise Chocolates work?

Rise Recovery uses just a handful of components, with the active ingredient being Dihydromyricetin (DHM).

DHM allows the body to break down alcohol at a quicker pace, allowing you to feel better the next morning.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

First time purchasing Rise Recovery? We are confident in the functionality of our product and are willing to provide a full refund within two weeks of first time buyers receiving their chocolates. 

Josh D.

"Rise chocolates worked wonders. An essential for after the bars."

Morgan G.

"I tried it for the first time on my birthday and was amazed at the results. I woke up feeling better than I ever have after a night out."

Derrick R.

"I was skeptical but the chocolate tasted great and I woke up completely hangover-free"


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